18 September 2009

so after a long new york fashion week, i am avoiding all things fashion.
i had so much to say about each collection (and quite a bit to say about the few that killed it, like alexander wang and the incredible body paint at rodarte), but honestly if i look at one more show or have one more discussion about anything to do with the shows or what's new etc, i might explode.
i am skipping london, milan and paris and taking an extended weekend back in florida.
hopefully i will return to new york sun-kissed and ready to roll.


The PHI show was Major!

14 September 2009

03 September 2009

Shade my Wang

Everyone is hoping/waiting for a preview of Alexander Wang's sunglasses this fashion week; and you know they are are gonna kick. This picture of Lady Gaga/Dwyane Wyane shades is the only one floating around the internets so far. The girl above, Crystal, just shot me for Nylon Guys. What a small fashion world we live in.

Party in the front, business in the back.

SIWY Jeans, standard black denim meets mesh. Amazing? As the Fench say, Le Duh!