22 July 2011

DarrellDarrell Playlist 101


I'm Back! Haven't blogged along side Mollie in forever...Here is a little something somethings i've been working on recently. See you soon dolls...


20 June 2011


bullett magazine is back online! woohoo!


take a look at my first interview with me FAVORITE designer.


05 May 2011


looks like somone filmed a music video while they were in town.

Tennis - "Take Me Somewhere" from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

24 April 2011

You can't make this stuff up. Found by a friend and oh my, what an amazing gift.

09 April 2011


I wrote this a couple months ago for bullett mag blog, but the sights been down, revamped, and not back up for another couple of weeks. So i'll just put it here now. :)

One of our favorite new bands coming out of Brooklyn, NY, is HUNTERS and their new track "DEADBEAT" puts them at the tippy top of our list.

Led by the duo singers/guitarists, Derek Watson and Isabel Ibsen, this
James Iha (of The Smashing Pumpkins) produced track mixed by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs is sure to fulfill your heavy bass/garage noise needs.

09 March 2011


latex, feather dusters, hand cuffs and a sweet tush smoking kate moss. get out.

08 March 2011


the best bands to come out of this last year are all playing together this sunday night at the orpheum in ybor city. AND I'M DJING THE SHOW, along with the infamous liquid jesus dj's.
i've yapped about all of them right here and now it's time for you to go check them all out. at once.
don't miss this show. for reals.

purchase tickets HERE.

28 February 2011


THIS just blew my mind. almost as much as THIS. it's like my dreams. that is all.
i'm djin this show tomorrow. you should be there if yr around. it's kind of a big deal.


after a recent shoot for bullett magazine and a little chit chat at their fashion week party, i've landed myself a new blogging roll.
check out my first of many...

20 February 2011

19 February 2011

nyc. fashion week. broken computer.

i return home on friday and have MAJOR catching up to do. major.

07 January 2011


i've been super lucky enough to be around some of the most inspirational people in the world.
the beginning of this new year (and being in bed sick) has given me a lot of time to reflect on the last few years and smile.
the next chapter of my life is starting. let's see what happens..

i've been playing this a lot this past year at liquid jesus, and when i fill in for kamran on wmnf's six stringed assault. i found the video today. woot.

05 January 2011

(ps i'm djing this show along with my other fellow liquid jesus dj's. oh yeah. and the amazing dum dum girls will be performing as well. nbd.)


one of my bestest, some one known to all of you by now, raquel nave, is having her first baby girl in a few months. seems we only met yesterday, right? what a whirlwind. we lived together, we learned together, we grew together, we got kicked out of french bars together, we did vogue together, we had our first gallery show together, tattooed each other's initials on one another, started and ended our dj careers together, and now she's having my love child. well, one can dream...