25 November 2009



i can't get this out of my head. maybe because hubby plays it on constant repeat...

19 November 2009


some of my earliest memories of my life in paris and the very beginning of my modeling career, are of this beautiful, creative, kooky woman.
she was 16 when i met her and we spent most of our days in cars being driven to castings, just me and her, where daul would be in the front seat completely turned around with her chin over the head rest yapping it up jamming out to anything and everything.
she's also the only one that could handle my inability to walk on the runway, spending up to 2 hours a day with me on it. yeah. i was pretty bad. and damn this girl could catwalk.
as it goes with most models, we went through the good, bad and ugly and i have to say, daul kim, you are a person that will definitely be missed. i'm happy i got to know you and i'm glad we were friends.
rest in peace precious girl.