07 January 2011


i've been super lucky enough to be around some of the most inspirational people in the world.
the beginning of this new year (and being in bed sick) has given me a lot of time to reflect on the last few years and smile.
the next chapter of my life is starting. let's see what happens..

i've been playing this a lot this past year at liquid jesus, and when i fill in for kamran on wmnf's six stringed assault. i found the video today. woot.

05 January 2011

(ps i'm djing this show along with my other fellow liquid jesus dj's. oh yeah. and the amazing dum dum girls will be performing as well. nbd.)


one of my bestest, some one known to all of you by now, raquel nave, is having her first baby girl in a few months. seems we only met yesterday, right? what a whirlwind. we lived together, we learned together, we grew together, we got kicked out of french bars together, we did vogue together, we had our first gallery show together, tattooed each other's initials on one another, started and ended our dj careers together, and now she's having my love child. well, one can dream...