17 August 2009


Alexander Wang is a genius businessman. He's slowly rolling out menswear with a small collection of tops under his lower-priced T line that bridges the gap between the label-whoring guy who seeks out jeans with a leather crotch patch and the guy whose significant other buys all his clothes for him at the Gap. All too often men's designers send clothes down the runways that suggest they have paid the conservative fashion-fearing male, many of whom shop exclusively online to avoid the embarrassment of being seen in an actual clothing store, no consideration. But Wang's first collection is decidedly non-flamboyant. “It’s a guy who doesn’t think he’s fashionable, but is just cool and has taste and style," he told WWD last month. "That’s much more appealing than a guy who’s fighting his girlfriend for the mirror." A video preview of the line recently went up on Wang's website. It depicts model Vincent LaCrocq hanging around a basketball court in a filmy tank top with those really large armholes that would be great for this god-awful heat wave. Just think, ladies: You can be an Alex Wang couple now. Looking sweaty will never be the same!

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