22 June 2009


now supposedly this shiz is for real.

"The LoftCube is a simple prefabricated structure that proposes the reclamation of rooftop space in space-starved metropolitan areas. Assembled offsite and delivered by crane, the LoftCube is a refreshingly simple proposal. Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, it is a compact but comprehensive package that strives to remain as open as possible, using translucent sliding panels in lieu of standard walls."
Price: $111,000.00

what? i'm gonna throw some roller skates on that thing and play some solja boy!


  1. want it!!! portable party machine!!

  2. Prefab is the new black. Take a look what's out there. Really awesome stuff!

    p.s. Don't forget you have to factor in the price of the land, install, taxes, etc, etc. It'll be more than 111 thousand :D